Sustainable Design & Construction

We strive to limit the overall environmental impact of a home by considering all aspects of the design and execution of each project. Our goal is to incorporate environmentally-conscious building practices and simultaneously uphold the quality and craftsmanship of a home that will last for generations.

A key component is natural building, which is the use of natural, long-life materials. Materials that remain in their organic state, such as slate, cedar, copper and natural stone, have proven the test of time and can drastically increase the lifetime of a home.

We have extensive experience in renewable energy sources and utilize geothermal heating and cooling systems, photovoltaic panels, passive solar programs and water efficiency systems. We differentiate ourselves from competitors by constantly improving on the integration of these practices and the ever-changing technologies.

In addition to conservation of energy, we concentrate on the efficiency of the building envelope; the reduction of waste, pollution, and environmental degradation; and the overall indoor environmental quality of the home.

Building a home is a team effort. From the design phase through implementation, Scandic Builders works with a team of talented architects, highly skilled craftsman and specialized subcontractors to make your dream home a reality. Whether it is the renovation of an historic home or the construction of a new residence our focus remains the same. Scandic Builders unites modern, efficient infrastructure with timeless design and refined beauty.